Dear Edmonson School Family,

It is an honor and a privilege to be selected to serve as the new principal of Edmonson Elementary!  I got my start in education at Edmonson as a long-term substitute. During this experience, Mrs. Stephens pulled me aside and encouraged me to get my teaching certificate.  I am so grateful for that day and for Mrs. Stephens continued mentorship of me in my new role as principal. I will always have a special place in my heart for her and am excited for the opportunity to continue her legacy and the great work that is being done at Edmonson.

The Lamphere School District has always been home to me.  I am a Lamphere graduate, Class of 1991, and have spent the last 12 years as an English teacher, department chair, and part-time curriculum coordinator at the high school.  I live in the community and all four of my children attend or have attended school in this district. I am deeply committed to and passionate about education in our community and will fulfill the Edmonson mission statement of “Educating Every Student…We’ll Do What It Takes!”

During the past few months, I have had several opportunities to meet the staff, students, and many of the parents and have been warmly welcomed into the Edmonson school family.  As an independent language arts consultant and presenter, I have had the opportunity to work with many different staffs all around the state, and I can truly say that we have the best teaching staff here at Edmonson.  Their collective knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm, skill, and passion for working with students is both impressive and inspiring.  They are a true team and embody the principles in Habit #6 of The Leader in Me: Synergize.  

As a Leader in Me school, we are fortunate to have a program that offers us the tools to create a culture of student empowerment and grow our students’ leadership and life skills as well as their academic skills.  I look forward to sharing more about the Leader in Me program with you throughout the school year.

Please know that I have an open door policy.  Feel free to contact me throughout the school year to discuss your questions or concerns.  When parents and staff work together towards the shared goal of student achievement, students succeed.  I look forward to building partnerships with all the stakeholders in the Edmonson school family to support a safe, positive, and successful school experience for your child!


Amy Guzynski, Ed. S.

Edmonson Principal

(248) 547-5342

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Season's Greetings
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